If you are allergic to the nickel in your jewelry and you have IBS, it’s possible that nickel in food is causing your IBS symptoms. We’ve recently cured a 24 year old woman of her IBS by identifying a nickel allergy with our patch testing and her subsequent avoidance of foods that have a high nickel content. She had previously seen three of the top IBS doctors in NYC and Philadelphia and reports this discovery has been “life changing”. ┬áMany foods contain nickel (Google it!). Interestingly, this woman already knew she had a nickel allergy from her reactions to jewelry. As our theory predicts, it is likely that the same type of allergic reaction occurring in the skin from contact with nickel occurs in the lining of the intestine when foods containing nickel pass through, resulting in IBS symptoms.

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  • May 23, 2016

    I like reading your web sites. Thanks a ton!

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