IBS Testing Fees

Because this is a new testing procedure for IBS, it is not yet a covered service by some health care insurance plans.  Fee for the testing includes all 3 visits to the office, all materials and the 120 test agents, summary of the results, information on how to find food products that are free of any of the tested foods to which you have an allergic reaction, and a report to your doctor(s) upon your request.

Fee for testing may vary between testing centers.  Patch testing fees typically range from about $7 to $10 per test agent, and all our centers use the same 120 foods and food additives for testing, so the total fee may range from $840 to $1200.  These ranges are meant as a general guide; fees may be more or less at any given center. Contact the center nearest you for its fee schedule and to determine if the center participates with your insurance.

If the testing center you visit accepts your insurance, the center will submit a claim to your insurance company for the services provided.  HMO members must have an HMO referral for claims submission.  Our submission of your claim is not a guarantee that your insurance will pay for the testing.  Your insurance company will process the claim and determine whether the testing is a covered service under your contract terms with them, and will notify you and us of their determination.  If food patch testing for your gastrointestinal condition is a covered benefit for you, the testing center will accept the contracted rate for the service.  If your insurance company indicates patch testing for  is not a covered benefit, you will be responsible for the total fee.  A copy of your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) is required at your first visit, and your credit card will be billed for any copay, deductible, or total fee for which you are responsible.

If your testing center does not accept your insurance, payment in full is requested at your first visit. In this case, you may submit the claim to your insurance company for potential reimbursement directly to you. The diagnosis code typically used for billing is K58.9 (irritable bowel syndrome), and the procedure code is 95044 (patch testing), 120 units.  We also offer the patch testing on fee-for-service basis for those without health insurance.

We offer no guarantees that the testing will help relieve your IBS symptoms. In our most recent clinical study, we helped more than 2 out of every 3 people who were tested to 118 to 120 foods (see https://jofskin.org/index.php/skin/article/view/223).There are no guarantees, but a 67% chance of improvement or cure represents a significant advance in the treatment of this difficult condition.


For general questions, contact us at info@IBSfoodallergy.com.

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