Patch Testing for Out of Towners

Patch Testing for Out of Towners

If you live far away and have a local dermatologist, another ¬†potential way to get the testing done if you’re are unable to stay for three days is to come to Philadelphia for just one day. ¬†We can ¬†apply the food patch tests to your upper back , and you can follow up with your own dermatologist for their removal two days later and a final reading one or two days after that. ¬†We can coordinate things ahead of time to be sure your dermatologist is willing and to be sure you have the appropriate follow up scheduled. ¬†After your dermatologist reports the results to us, if you have any allergic reactions, we can send you the appropriate food avoidance information.


  • Angela zeina
    July 6, 2016

    Is it possible to have the same tests in th uk…… I think I have ibs….


    • September 16, 2016

      Hello Angela,
      At this time, our testing is only available at our U.S. centers. We will be expanding to other parts of the U.S. but haven’t yet considered outside the country. The testing can be done on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so if you are ever over here, we’d be happy to test you.
      Best regards,
      Mike Stierstorfer, MD

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